15 Rustic Fall Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Discover budget-friendly rustic fall wedding ideas that blend charm with simplicity.

Utilize Natural Fall Foliage for Free Decor

utilize natural fall foliage for free decor

Incorporate fallen leaves, branches, and pinecones for cost-effective seasonal decorations that bring a warm autumn touch to your wedding ambiance.

Create DIY Centerpieces With Pumpkins and Candles

For the DIY centerpieces, use pumpkins and candles to create charming rustic table decorations that exude fall vibes. The warm glow of candles against the textures of pumpkins adds an elegant yet cozy touch to your wedding decor. It’s a budget-friendly and creative way to enhance your rustic fall theme with a personal touch.

Use Burlap and Lace for Table Runners and Chair Ties

use burlap and lace for table runners and chair ties

Add a touch of rustic charm to your fall wedding decor with burlap and lace accents for table runners and chair ties.

Hold Your Wedding in a Public Park With Beautiful Autumn Trees

hold your wedding in a public park with beautiful autumn trees

A public park with autumn trees provides a picturesque backdrop for your rustic fall wedding, creating a beautiful and cost-effective venue option.

Craft Homemade Apple Cider Favors

craft homemade apple cider favors

Offer your guests delicious homemade apple cider favors as a sweet reminder of your rustic fall wedding.

Have a Bonfire With Marshmallow Roasting for the Reception

have a bonfire with marshmallow roasting for the reception

Guests can enjoy a cozy and fun-filled evening by gathering around a warm bonfire, roasting marshmallows for a sweet reception activity.

Use Hay Bales for Ceremony Seating

use hay bales for ceremony seating

Hay bales for ceremony seating provide a rustic touch and save on renting chairs or pews.

Incorporate Acorns and Pinecones Into Decorations

incorporate acorns and pinecones into decorations

For a rustic touch, integrate acorns and pinecones into your wedding decor; they add a natural and cozy feel without breaking the bank.

Serve a Simple Rustic Pie Instead of a Traditional Wedding Cake

serve a simple rustic pie instead of a traditional wedding cake

Opt for a rustic pie as a charming dessert alternative for your fall wedding, adding a cozy touch to your celebration.

Use Lanterns With Candles for Romantic Lighting

use lanterns with candles for romantic lighting

Create a magical ambiance with flickering candlelight inside charming lanterns.

Host a Potluck-style Wedding Meal With Comfort Foods

host a potluck style wedding meal with comfort foods

Guests bring their favorite dishes to share, adding a personal touch and saving on catering costs.

Decorate With Handmade Twig Wreaths

decorate with handmade twig wreaths

Handmade twig wreaths bring a touch of nature to your fall wedding decor, adding a rustic and charming vibe to the venue. They can be hung on doors, walls, or used as centerpieces for a budget-friendly yet stylish look. Twig wreaths are versatile and can be customized to match your wedding theme with added elements like flowers or ribbons.

Set Up a Photo Booth With Fall-themed Props

set up a photo booth with fall themed props

Guests can enjoy capturing fun memories using fall-themed props at the photo booth.

Use Wooden Signs for Guiding Guests At the Venue

use wooden signs for guiding guests at the venue

Lead guests with charming wooden signs to add a rustic touch to your fall wedding.

Choose a Midweek Date to Reduce Venue Costs

choose a midweek date to reduce venue costs

By selecting a midweek date for your rustic fall wedding, you can significantly cut down on the costs associated with booking a venue.

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