15 Unique Wedding Poses to Capture Your Big Day

Find inspiration for unique and charming wedding poses that will make your photos unforgettable. Photograph the bridal party jumping in the air for some fun and high energy shots. Embrace whimsical with the wedding couple dancing in a field or forest. Go for the classic kiss under a veil for romance overload. Capture a close-up of the bride and groom’s hands with their rings. Try a candid moment of laughter during your speech. Get cheeky with the groom holding the bride over his shoulder. Steal a moment in the golden hour light for some tender silhouettes. Pose with your pets for some furry fun. Have the couple mirror each other’s pose for a balanced shot. Try a wide shot of the couple in a vast landscape. For the traditionalists, the dip kiss never goes out of style. Snap a picture of the first look for raw emotion. Go urban with a city skyline backdrop. Use reflections in water or mirrors for an artistic twist. Capture the couple walking away hand-in-hand for a timeless image. Get cozy under a shared blanket. Use a drone for a bird’s-eye view of the entire venue. Mix and match these ideas to create your own perfect portfolio.

Forehead to Forehead

forehead to forehead

Getting your foreheads close in a photo evokes intimacy and connection between the couple. It’s a simple yet powerful pose that showcases love and affection beautifully.

The Dip and Kiss

The Dip and Kiss pose adds a touch of romance and drama to your wedding photos. It captures a moment of intimacy and elegance between the couple. It symbolizes trust, love, and a flair for the dramatic.

Walking Hand in Hand

walking hand in hand
  • Walking hand in hand creates a sweet and romantic moment between the couple, showcasing their connection and love.
  • It’s a simple yet meaningful pose that captures the essence of togetherness and partnership.

Backlit Silhouette

backlit silhouette

The backlit silhouette pose creates a stunning outline of the couple against a bright background, adding a romantic and dreamy touch to wedding photos. The couple is positioned to capture their outlines, creating a beautiful and enchanting effect in the photographs. This pose is perfect for capturing the love and intimacy between the couple in a unique and visually striking way.

Bridal Veil Over Both

bridal veil over both

This pose involves the bride and groom standing close together with the bridal veil draped over both of them, creating a romantic and intimate moment captured in the photograph.

Whispering a Secret

whispering a secret

Whispering a Secret captures a candid moment between the couple, adding an element of intimacy to the wedding photos. It’s a sweet and romantic pose that creates a sense of closeness and connection between the bride and groom. The photo highlights the loving bond and shared moments between the newlyweds, making for a memorable and heartfelt shot.

Laughing Together

laughing together

Laughing together captures the joy and happiness shared between the couple in a candid moment on their special day. It adds a natural and fun touch to your wedding photos, creating a cheerful and lively atmosphere. A great way to showcase your genuine connection and create heartwarming memories for years to come. Perfect for couples who love to have a good time and want to remember their wedding day with smiles and laughter. Ideal for both formal portraits and candid shots, reflecting the love and laughter shared between the newlyweds.

First Dance Close-Up

Capture the intimacy and emotion of the first dance with a close-up shot that highlights the love and connection between the newlyweds.

Lift and Spin

lift and spin

In the lift and spin pose, the groom lifts the bride off the ground gracefully, adding a touch of playfulness and romance to the wedding photos. It creates a dynamic and fun moment captured beautifully on camera.

Holding Hands With Foreheads Touching

holding hands with foreheads touching

This pose adds a touch of intimacy and connection to your wedding photos. It conveys a sense of closeness and affection between the couple. The visual of holding hands and touching foreheads symbolizes unity and mutual support. It’s a simple yet powerful pose that captures the emotional bond between the newlyweds. This pose is perfect for showcasing the love and connection shared by the couple on their special day.

Nose to Nose

nose to nose

Nose to Nose: A sweet and intimate pose where the couple stands close, touching noses for a romantic photo.

Framed By Trees or Arch

framed by trees or arch

Capture a romantic moment between the couple, beautifully framed by the natural elements.

Bride’s Head On Groom’s Chest

brides head on grooms chest

The Bride’s Head on Groom’s Chest pose captures a tender moment where the bride leans her head on the groom’s chest, symbolizing love and comfort. This pose exudes intimacy and allows for a heartwarming photo that showcases a deep emotional connection between the couple. It’s a classic and timeless pose that brings out genuine emotions and creates a romantic atmosphere in wedding photos.

Holding Each Other’s Faces

holding each others faces

Cradling each other’s faces portrays tenderness and love in wedding photos. The intimate gesture captures a moment of connection between the couple.

Under an Umbrella

under an umbrella

Candid and romantic, the umbrella adds a cozy touch to your wedding photos, perfect for capturing intimate moments with your partner.

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