Where to Print Wedding Invitations: Your Essential Guide to Services

Discover a curated selection of reputable services for printing your wedding invitations, ensuring they perfectly match your special day’s style and theme.

Key takeaways:

  • Prints of Love: Eco-friendly, high-quality printing with free 2-3 day shipping.
  • VistaPrint: Wide selection, customizable options, and free wedding sample kit.
  • Zazzle: Independent artist designs, customizable templates, and sample invitations.
  • Consider factors like print quality, custom options, turnaround time, and reviews.
  • Pricing factors include paper quality, printing techniques, and quantity.

The Best Online Printing Services to Print Wedding Invitations

the best online printing services to print wedding invitations

Selecting the right online printing service is key to ensuring your wedding invitations reflect the tone and style of your special day. Each service offers a unique set of features:

Prints of Love specializes in eco-friendly printing and even plants a tree with every order. Their user-friendly platform makes uploading your design simple, and they provide free 2-3 day shipping alongside exceptional customer support.

VistaPrint is a well-known printer that caters to a wide variety of printing needs, including wedding invitations. They offer a vast selection of templates, finishes, and paper options, allowing for high customizability.

Zazzle stands out for its marketplace of independent artists and unique designs. With Zazzle, you can choose a design created by an artist or customize your own, ensuring your invitations are as unique as your event.

When choosing a service, consider factors such as the quality of prints, the range of custom options available, turnaround time, environmental commitment, and the ease of the design process. Customer reviews can also offer insights into the reliability and satisfaction levels associated with each service.

Prints of Love

Prints of Love specializes in high-quality, eco-friendly wedding invitation printing, offering a straightforward online service that’s both convenient and user-friendly. Customers can upload their custom designs with ease, and with every order, a new tree is planted – a thoughtful touch for couples looking for an environmentally responsible printing option.

Exceptional quality is assured with a range of finishes to choose from, ensuring that the invitations reflect the couple’s unique style. Fast, free shipping is a standard, alleviating one more concern from the wedding planning process. Their dedicated customer service provides personalized support, ensuring that your invitations come out exactly as envisioned.

Whether you desire a glossy or matte finish, Prints of Love offers a robust selection to fit any wedding theme. The process begins with selecting preferred cardstock and determining the ideal print size, then simply upload the design and the team manages the rest. The no-fuss approach of Prints of Love makes it a favorite for those wanting to combine convenience, quality, and sustainability.


VistaPrint is a well-known go-to option for custom printing, offering a variety of design templates and the ability to upload your own design. Their user-friendly platform allows for simple customization, ensuring your wedding invitations reflect your personal style. Additionally, they provide an array of quality options from standard to premium paper stocks, catering to diverse preferences and budgets.

One of the standout features with VistaPrint is their free wedding sample kit, which allows you to touch and compare different paper qualities before making a final decision. Plus, they often run promotional discounts, adding value for those who are budget-conscious.

After designing your invitation, a proof review is available, giving you the opportunity to make any last-minute adjustments. This step is crucial to ensure every detail is perfect, from the font size to the color scheme. Their customer service is reputed for being attentive, ready to assist with any queries or concerns during the ordering process.

On the sustainability front, VistaPrint has made efforts to offset their carbon footprint, which might appeal to environmentally conscious couples. Their shipping options range from economy to express, accommodating different timelines. Remember, ordering your invitations well in advance of your wedding date is advised to account for any unforeseen delays.


Zazzle offers a wide array of customizable wedding invitation templates created by independent designers. With its user-friendly interface, couples can easily personalize their invitations to match their wedding theme. High-quality printing options are available in various paper types and finishes, ensuring the final product meets every couple’s aesthetic preferences.

The platform features a design tool that allows for easy addition of text, photos, and design elements. This flexibility means that whether you’re planning a traditional ceremony or something more modern, you’re sure to find a style that resonates. Plus, Zazzle often runs promotions, making it a cost-effective option without compromising on quality.

One unique aspect of Zazzle’s service is the ability to order sample invitations. You can see and feel the quality of the paper and print before committing to a full order, providing peace of mind that your invitations will look exactly as you envision.

Moreover, Zazzle provides excellent customer support. If you encounter any issues or have special requests, their team is ready to assist ensuring your invitations are perfect for your big day.

Invitation Pricing

Understanding the cost of printing wedding invitations is essential as it influences your wedding budget. Several factors affect pricing, including:

– **Paper Quality**: Premium papers come at a higher cost but add a luxurious feel to your invitations.

– **Printing Techniques**: Options like letterpress or foil stamping add elegance but often increase the price point compared to standard digital printing.

– **Custom Designs**: Personalized illustrations or custom graphics may incur additional design fees.

– **Quantity**: Printing larger quantities typically reduces the cost per invitation, offering savings in bulk purchases.

– **Sizes and Shapes**: Standard sizes are usually more affordable, while unique shapes or oversized invitations may require extra fees.

– **Extras**: Details such as envelope lining, colored paper, or embossing can enhance your invitations but also impact the final cost.

Affordable alternatives include pre-designed templates, which allow for customization at a lower price. Be sure to consider the balance between aesthetics and budget when selecting your invitation options.

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