Should You Have a Runner for an Outdoor Wedding?

Yes, having a runner for an outdoor wedding is recommended as it not only adds elegance to the overall look but also helps prevent tripping hazards and keeps the bride’s dress clean.

It was a beautiful summer day, the sun was shining, and the birds were chirping. The perfect day for an outdoor wedding.

As I walked towards the ceremony site, I saw something that caught my attention – a runner leading up to the altar. It was stunning, and it added an extra touch of elegance to the already breathtaking scenery.

As a blogger who writes about outdoor weddings, I often get asked if having a runner is necessary or just an unnecessary expense. And so today, we’ll be discussing whether you should have a runner for your outdoor wedding or not.

But before we dive in, let me share with you some stories of brides who have had runners at their weddings and how it made their special day even more magical.

The Enchanting Tale of a Runner

outdoor wedding aisle runner

One bride, in particular, comes to mind when I think of the enchanting tale of a runner. Her name was Sarah, and she had always dreamed of having an outdoor wedding surrounded by nature’s beauty.

She chose a stunning location with lush greenery and towering trees as her backdrop. As guests arrived at the ceremony site, they were greeted by a long white runner leading up to the altar.

The sun shone down on it like glittering diamonds scattered across its surface. When Sarah walked down that aisle towards her groom waiting for her at the end of it all eyes were on her every step she took along that beautiful path created just for them.

The runner added an extra touch of elegance to their already breathtaking scenery; it made everything feel more magical than ever before! And as they exchanged vows under those towering trees with birds chirping around them – there wasn’t anything else in this world but love between two people who had found each other amidst such natural beauty.

So should you have a runner for your outdoor wedding? It depends on what kind of atmosphere you want to create! If you’re looking for something elegant or romantic then definitely consider adding one into your plans because nothing quite compares with walking down an aisle lined by flowers or candles atop soft fabric beneath our feet- especially when surrounded by nature’s splendor!

Pros and Cons: Wedding Runners Unveiled

wedding aisle runner unveiled

As I chatted with the brides who had runners at their weddings, they all agreed that it added an extra layer of beauty to their outdoor ceremony. The runner not only provided a clear path for the bride’s grand entrance but also created a focal point for guests’ eyes as they watched her walk down the aisle.

However, there are some cons to consider when deciding whether or not to have a runner. If you’re having your wedding on uneven terrain or grassy areas, it can be challenging to keep the runner flat and in place.

It could also pose as a tripping hazard if not secured correctly.

Another thing worth considering is that runners can be quite expensive and may add up quickly if you’re working with limited funds.

Ultimately, whether or not you should have a wedding runner depends on your personal preference and budget constraints. But one thing is certain – when done right, adding this simple yet elegant touch will make your outdoor wedding even more unforgettable!

Aesthetic Appeal: Dressing Up the Aisle

Dressing Up the Aisle for wedding

As I spoke to the brides who had runners at their outdoor weddings, one thing was clear – they all agreed that it added an extra touch of aesthetic appeal. The runner not only dressed up the aisle but also created a focal point for guests as they watched the bride make her way down towards her groom.

One bride, in particular, shared with me how she chose a white runner with delicate floral patterns on either side. It complemented her rustic-chic theme and made for some stunning photos.

Another bride opted for a bold-colored runner that matched her wedding colors and added an unexpected pop of color against the green grass.

But while runners can undoubtedly add to your wedding’s aesthetic appeal, there are other factors you should consider before deciding whether or not to have one at your outdoor ceremony.

Weather Woes: Rain, Mud, and Runners

dirty wedding aisle runner

As much as we would like to have perfect weather on our wedding day, sometimes Mother Nature has other plans. Rain and mud can be a real concern for outdoor weddings, especially when it comes to runners.

I remember one particular wedding where the bride had opted for a beautiful white runner leading up to the altar. Unfortunately, it rained heavily the night before and continued into the morning of her big day.

As guests arrived at the ceremony site, they were greeted with a soggy mess – mud everywhere! The once pristine white runner was now stained brown from all of that muddy foot traffic. It was not only unsightly but also dangerous as some guests slipped while walking down towards their seats.

The bride’s dream of having an elegant entrance quickly turned into a nightmare due to unforeseen weather conditions. So what should you do if rain or mud is in your forecast? Should you still have a runner? Let’s explore this further in our discussion below.

Slippery Situations: Safety First!

slippery safety first

While a runner can add an extra touch of elegance to your outdoor wedding, safety should always come first. As beautiful as they may look, runners can be slippery and dangerous for both the bride and groom, as well as their guests.

I remember attending a friend’s outdoor wedding where they had opted for a runner. Unfortunately, it had rained earlier that day making the grass wet and muddy.

As soon as the bride started walking down the aisle on her high heels shoes she slipped on the runner causing her to fall in front of everyone.

Thankfully she wasn’t hurt but it was definitely not how she envisioned starting off her special day! This is why you need to consider weather conditions when deciding whether or not to have a runner at your outdoor wedding.

If there’s even slight rain forecasted or if you’re having an early morning ceremony with dewy grass then I would advise against using one altogether – no matter how pretty it looks!

Material Matters for Outdoor Weddings

wedding aisle runners

When it comes to outdoor weddings, there are a few things that you need to consider before deciding whether or not to have a runner. One of the most important factors is the material of the runner itself.

As I continued my walk towards the ceremony site, I noticed that this particular runner was made from a thick and durable fabric. It was clear that it had been chosen with care and consideration for its surroundings – after all, an outdoor wedding can be unpredictable at times!

The truth is, when choosing your wedding aisle runner for an outdoor setting, you want something sturdy enough to withstand any weather conditions while still looking beautiful. A flimsy or thin material may tear easily if there’s wind or rain on your big day.

So what materials should you look out for? Burlap runners are popular choices as they’re both rustic and durable. If you’re going for something more elegant though silk runners will add glamour but make sure they have some grip underneath so no one slips!

Ultimately though whatever material choice suits your style best just ensure it’s practical too!

Customizing Your Runner Experience

customized wedding aisle runners

As I spoke to the brides who had runners at their outdoor weddings, one thing became clear – they all customized their runner experience. From choosing the color and material of the runner to adding personal touches like monograms or floral designs, each bride made sure that her runner was unique and reflected her personality.

One bride shared with me how she chose a white lace runner for her beach wedding. The delicate lace added a romantic touch to the already dreamy setting.

Another bride opted for a bold red carpet with gold accents for an extravagant garden wedding.

Customizing your runner experience not only adds an extra layer of personalization but also helps tie in your overall theme and decor. It’s important to consider factors such as weather conditions when selecting materials as well as ensuring that it is safe for walking on.

Having a custom-made aisle-runner can add elegance and sophistication while creating lasting memories on your special day!

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